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Sailing success at home and in Italy

Sailing success at home and in Italy

Congratulations to Wentworth Year 9 student Mattias Coutts who achieved a 10th placing out of 100 boats in the Waszp Europeans competition on Lake Garda in Italy in July.  Over 100 boats competed from 18 nations.  Fantastic result.

In a slightly less sunny setting, a group of Wentworth College students also competed over the holidays in the Manly Mid-Winter Championships in several sailing classes. The students performed well. Congratulations to these students who achieved the following results:

• O’pen Skiff – Jack Hollands 9th
• O’pen Skiff – Phoebe Andrew 15th
• O’pen Skiff – Imogen Herbert 19th
• 29er – Mattias Coutts & Cailen Rochford 1st
• 29er – Maddie Rist 5th
• RS Feva – Sam Wild 2nd
• RS Feva – Bridie Smith 11th
• Laser Radial – Matthew Rist 7th

Water Polo Success

Water Polo Success

Congratulations to the Wentworth College Years 7/8 Water Polo team for placing second in the Term 2 Hibiscus Coast Water Polo Tournaments. After strong competition, the Wentworth College team has emerged with impressive results. The Years 7/8 team placed second in their league, despite forfeiting a game that fell in the holidays. This team has played consistently well, winning almost every match, and has proved to be a tour de force in the water.

Our older players, Years 9 and above, have taken on both students and adults in the Fast 5 competition. This is a non-stop version of Water Polo so, in addition to being strong swimmers, players have needed excellent attack and defence skills in order to respond quickly and effectively to the play. Our team has gone from strength to strength with an outstanding passing game, which has seen every member playing their part. As a result, the Wentworth Fast 5 team beat tough competition to win their league. Congratulations to all our Wentworth College players.

Wentworth Netball Success

Wentworth Netball Success

The netball teams of Wentworth College have got off to a good start this winter season. This year, the school is fielding a total of six netball teams, playing at North Harbour and the Hibiscus Coast.
Three teams are playing on a Saturday morning at North Harbour, under the coaching and management of Megan McKenzie and Mandy Houseman.
The first four weeks of play were grading games and Team 1 Blue won them all. Their best win was against Northcote 3 with a score of 42-19 and their toughest game was against Carmel 4, winning 33-26. After their impressive playing during grading, this team has moved up from playing in Grade 6 to Grade 4.
Team 2 Maroon has also done well in their grading games, winning three out of their four games. The team’s best win was against Waiheke 2 with a score of 27-4. This team will be playing in Grade 7.
Team 3 White has had a mixture of wins and losses during grading and the team’s performance has improved as the weeks have gone on. In the last game of grading, the team beat Northcote 6 with an impressive score of 20-6. This team will be playing in Grade 11. This team has already suffered a number of injuries early in the season and players from the Year 8 team, Sammi Ryan and Sion Jung, have stepped in to help out.
After a busy morning of netball on the North Shore, a mixed team of players are also playing at HBC Netball in the afternoon. This team has had a mixture of wins and losses so far this season.
The Year 8 team is playing on a Thursday evening at North Harbour, with Lyndal Kelly as coach and Dee Ryan as manager. This team has had a great start to the season, winning all its grading games. Their best performance was against Takapuna Normal Intermediate School, with a winning score of 20-6. After the great efforts during grading, the team was moved up into Grade 2. Phoebe Andrew has been umpiring their games.
The Year 7/8 team has been playing at HBC Netball on a Saturday morning, coached by Arwen Hulsbosch and Emma Gilpin, with Stacey Donovan as manager. Some of the players are new to netball and their skills are improving as the weeks progress. Capri Partridge has been umpiring the games.
Well done and thankyou to all the coaches, managers and umpires for the time they have put in to assist our teams, as well as the parents for their support each week on the side lines.
Wentworth netball players train with Northern Mystics team

Wentworth netball players train with Northern Mystics team

On Tuesday, the Year 9 netball players attended a Northern Mystics skills and drills session at Netball North Harbour, organised by Fuji Xerox. The event involved a number of other local schools and the girls were split into groups to work on their shooting, passing and catching skills. The girls got to meet four of the Northern Mystics team – Elisapeta Toeava, Emma Iversen, Tayla Earle and Erena Mikaera and it was an inspiring experience for the girls.

Hockey Update – 22 June

Boys’ First XI
The Boys’ First XI had a rematch of their grading final again this week against a strong Albany Senior High School team.  In absolutely horrible weather conditions the boys fought hard after 2 quick goals by Albany put them on the back foot.  There was some outstanding hockey played by both teams, with Albany coming out the victors 5-2.  After the game our team was commended by the opposing management on their fair play and overall sportsmanship in helping opponents up off the ground.  It was the first loss of the season for this team but a well played match.

Girls’ First XI
On the 14th of June Wentworth Hockey Girls’ First XI won their game 2-0 against Birkenhead College! It was a tough but enjoyable game and luckily the rain held off. The defence were extremely strong and solid, as Goalie, Anja, didn’t even have to touch the ball! We all worked very well together as a team and that was a key component to winning the game. The team had already played Birkenhead a few weeks earlier and tied 3-3 so everyone was very pleased to grab a win. There was very clean and strong passing and our PC’s (which we had practised a lot in training) worked very well. Overall it was a very pleasing game and we all look forward to hopefully getting another win next week!!

Alex Dobson

Netball Update – 22 June

Team 1 NNH – Win 31-19 Takapuna 4
Team 1 had a convincing win against Takapuna 4 on Saturday. Our defence worked well together to stop Takapuna scoring goals and out attack improved as the game progressed. The team has played two games since grading and are currently top of the table based on goal difference.
Caitlin Smith 

Team 2 HBC – Loss 20-33 Raiders
Although Team 2 lost this game to the Raiders, the team is making improvements in their play. The team is communicating well on court, spreading out more and making less risky passes. The team’s performance has improved as a whole since the last time they played the Raiders.
Orion Houseman


Year 8 – Win 22-10 Orewa 7/5
The Year 8 team had a great game on Saturday, beating Orewa 7/5 22-10. It was a fun game and Louis stepped in to play as the team were short on players.
Phoebe Andrew 

Year 7 – Loss 6-21 Northcross 7/5
It was a tough game last week for the Year 7 team as they were short of players due to sickness. The team were missing one of their key shooters which impacted on the number of goals they were able to score.
Bethany Smith



Waterpolo Update – 22 June

Wentworth 7/8
The game last Sunday evening was an outstanding lesson in team playing. Although they had a player down and no reserves, our young swimmers displayed excellent offensive work, passing often and accurately firing shots into the net seemingly every time they got close. On the few occasions the opposition, Orewa College, got the ball they didn’t keep it for long as one of our team would challenge them and skilfully take possession. It was a brilliant performance all round and the winning score of 18 to 1 was well deserved.

Wentworth Fast Five (Years 9/10)
The Fast Five team battled against a strong team, the Well Aged Great Whites. Our small team worked well but were ultimately subdued by the overwhelming size of the opposition – both in numbers as well as physical size, as five of the opposition team were grown men. It was great to see all of our Fast Fives’ play sportingly and determinedly. Unfortunately, we were overwhelmed and the full-time score was a loss of 7 to 23.

Basketball Update – 22 June

Wentworth Lions
The Lions played the Kingsway Legends who only had three people so borrowed players from other teams.The Lions lost but it was a very tight game and the team were always one point behind. No reserves meant that the Lions had to work very hard but they all got too tired and ended up falling further behind right at the end.
Blake Nelson

Wentworth Gators
The Gators played the Orewa College Jordans and this game was the toughest the team has played this term. The Gators lost 35-15 after a disappointing first half although they managed to keep the game much tighter in the second half. The team played well considering they only had the minimum of five players as the others were sick or injured. Next time the Gators play this team, the score will be a lot closer.
Matthew Rist

Wentworth Bears
The Bears had a great win this week against Kingsway, winning 30 – 0.  There was some great interplay between the 5 Wentworth players, passing the ball more effectively this week and making a number of their shots.  The team did a great job on defence to keep the opponents scoreless, and they communicated well as a team to mark players closely.  Well done. 

Hockey Update – 28 June

Boys’ First XI
This week the boys had a well earned win against Long Bay 7 – 0.  They started slowly but from half time onwards the team played with width and were able to break down the defence more effectively.  Some of the development players played well up front for the team, with some scoring their first goals for the season which was great to see.  With one more game before a break for the holidays the team is well placed in 2nd place in Grade 3A. 

Girls’ First XI
The girls also played Long Bay this week and had a closely fought 2-all draw.  Down 2 – 0 at half time, the girls played a much more inspired second half to draw level.  Although the Wentworth team controlled possession for much of the second half, they unfortunately could not quite finish off the match with the deciding goal.  There was some great play from the team and notable mention must go to Anya Khalid who had a strong game as Goalkeeper. 

Boys’ Year 7 & 8
Due to the poor weather on Tuesday afternoon all Intermediate hockey was cancelled at North Harbour this week so there is no result for the this team.

Netball Update – 28 June

Team 1 NNH
Loss 25-26 to Carmel College 8
Team 1 had a close game with Carmel College 8 last Saturday, losing by only one goal. It was a tough game and the team played their best.

Year 8
The team were boosted by a few players who agreed to step in at the last minute, as some were unable to play. A valiant effort was made by all in what proved to be a high pressured game. Unfortunately the physical height of the other team beat us on the day, but a good game was had by all.

Year 7
The Year 7 netballers continued their battle with sickness and had to call upon other students to make up a full team. Many thanks to Rosie Donovan and Stephanie Ye for once again stepping forward to help the team out!

The team played TNIS 7/3 last week and lost 23-13. The team did their best under the circumstances but needed to watch their passing as they kept losing the ball to the opposition.

This Thursday, the team played Carmel 7/2 and it was a close game. They lost 19-16 and there is still room for improvement in their passing.

Basketball Update – 28 June

Wentworth Lions and Gators

The Wentworth Lions played the Wentworth Gators on Monday.  While the Lions lost, it was a really close game. We all expected to have a really tough game so we played really hard in the first half and stopped them from scoring many points, however in the second half we got too tired and the Gators just ended up being a bit too good.  The final score was 16-2.

Blake Nelson

Hockey Update – 8 August

Boys’ First XI
The boys played a match during the first week of the recent school holidays, winning 10-3 against Northcote College, followed by a bye during Week 1 of Term 3.  The team are currently in 2nd place overall with two more pool games to play before the semi-finals.  We look forward to seeing the team finish the season strongly.

Girls’ First XI
On Thursday, 2nd August, the Hockey Girls’ First IX played at Warkworth against Mahurangi College. The first 20 minutes were tough with Mahurangi scoring two goals in quick succession. Finally, we made a comeback and won 4-2. India Grigson scored two goals, Alex Wood scored one goal and Beau Walbran scored the final goal. The whole team, including Anya Khalid as goalie, did a very good job to keep out any other shots at goal, concluding with a very pleasing game and a great score to go with it.
Beau Walbran

Boys’ Year 7 & 8
Term 3 saw the start of the competition round for the team. After some good results towards the back end of the grading round, the boys did enough to be placed in the A grade. The first game was against one of the three Whangaparaoa College teams that had previously got the better of us, and they were on track to repeat that performance with two goals before half time. With some missed opportunities in the first half from our boys, Whangaparaoa were confident going into the second half that they were still in the contest. We managed to show some good character and attacking play to score two quick goals and draw level on the scoreboard. Although both teams had further chances to win the game outright, the game ended fairly with 2 goals each.
The following week against Ponsonby, the team got off to a much quicker start and dominated territory and possession. The boys managed to find a way through Ponsonby’s persistent defence to score twice in the first half. A fired up Ponsonby came out strongly in the second half and reversed the territory and possession in their favour which eventually turned into a goal being scored and the score being 2-1. For the second week in a row, great determination from Wentworth  was shown to restrict any further scoring and the team  held on for a hard fought one goal victory.

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