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Term 3: Weeks 7 – 10

Sep 24, 2019 | Wētā - Year 4 blog

School Production: The Final Frontier

After all those hours of practice, it was time to enjoy the performance:

Everyone: “What do you mean I can’t use my script anymore!!?”

Calling them little pop stars would be too easy

Emily has found her whole world has opened up with those three extra eyes

Daniel, clearly polishing off the word “On” before moving on to “Jupiter”

Ashlee “The Rock” West, and Nancy “Stone-cold” Lattimer-Gregory



These torpedoes will disintegrate anyone who calls them Christmas decorations.

Yolanda dares anyone to ask her how often she washes her face.

The planets, not ashamed to be filled with gas.

Bella, after hours of makeup and prosthetics to become “Human Child 2”

the Martian Mafia?


Global Food Day

In Week 7, the Years 4 – 6 shared food from different cultures, and dressed in costumes representing different countries that they identified with.



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