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Distance Learning!

Covid-19 has taken a lot away from us but it has also presented us with new opportunities.

Distance Learning, for example, was something that I had experienced as a University student but I had NEVER considered Distance Teaching.

On Wednesday March 25th 2020, Distance Learning began for our Kiwi Class.  With the wonderful support of their parent’s, the Kiwi class have experienced learning from home.

I have been sent photos of wonderful diary entries, science investigations, stunning handwriting, lovely art and best of all………SMILING FACES!  Seeing your excited, engaged and proud faces via the internet has been a highlight of Lockdown for me!

Thank you to our parents for your incredible support, trust and delivery of our Year 1 learning.  I am so grateful to be a part of your learning community.  Thank you!

Thank you also to our Kiwi class students!  You have adapted beautifully to this new style of learning.  I have loved our Zoom catch ups and will fondly remember our dress-up day!

Have a look at just a few of the photos that I will always treasure.



Term 1: Weeks 4 – 7

Beach Day

Not the sort of look that assures you that he will spare civilians

Cupcake envy 

In reality, she’s not actually that short.

“Has anyone seen my eyeball??”

Not the first piece of seaweed I’ve seen, but he wasn’t to know.

Chess Lesson

“Did we win? We stole the most pieces from other boards?”

Sometimes it’s fun to torment your prisoners while you’re waiting for the other person to finish their turn.

Queen of the King

Rodin’s “The Thinker”

Needs to work on her poker face

A cool and calm explanation of how she’s going to slaughter her opponent.


Our Moas proved that, not only are they fast on land, but they are also super swimmers as well! Our Y6 athletes took part in the College and Upper Primary Swimming Sports Day – there was lots of splashing, cheering and fun to be had – and our relay teams took the College by surprise, competing brilliantly to win the Y6/7 Girls’ Relay and just pipped into second place in the Boys’ Relay.

Worry, worry go away!

The Katipo class has discovered that we all have worry monsters and that they all look different and come invade our heads at different times and places.  Some even found that their worry monster can change form and follow them around.  We have been discussing how we get rid of our worry monsters?

First we drew what our monster looked like, named it, how it makes us feel, where and when it visits and most importantly how we can make it disappear.

Sharing our worries has helped us understand that everyone has worries and it is totally normal.  However how we deal with our worries, ensuring they don’t take over is very important.

Worry, worry go away,

Go visit some other stray.

You’ve had your fun,

Now it’s time for you to run.

You’ve taught me what I need to know

And from your lessons I will grow.


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