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Ruru – Year 2 blog

Making Shadows

What is as big as an elephant but weighs nothing?

The elephant’s shadow!

As part of our Science this term we have been learning about light and dark and what makes shadows. On a recent sunny day, we went outside and figured out how to make the biggest shadow we could…

And the smallest shadows we could.

And then we had a lot of fun trying to get away from our shadows…but we couldn’t!

Ti Point Reptile Park

The whole school had a brilliant outing recently when we all visited Ti Point Reptile Park.

The sun was shining which encouraged all the reptiles to put themselves on display as they basked in the warmth.

We were lucky enough to pat a tortoise, get up close with tuatara and see baby turtles and lizards!

Art – Self Portraits

We have been painting pictures of our lovely selves.


We started off by drawing our oval faces.

We looked very carefully at where our eyes, noses and mouths were…


We had a look at our hair and drew it how we thought it looked.

We had to go back and remember that we needed a neck in our picture so that our faces weren’t floating!

We painted our skin…


Then our hair…

Then our lips…


And our eyes…


Once they are dry, we will add backgrounds and finishing touches. 

Our paintings are looking very beautiful…just like us!


Welcome to Year 2!

Hi, and welcome to Year 2!

We have had a lovely start to the year. After a lot of discussion we have decided to be the Year 2 Kea Class.

Our mascot is Katie the Kea, who will go home with a different child each week. Katie brings with her a book which you can add to with writing and photos.

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