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Parera – Year 6 blog

Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their Picnic.

Picnic time for teddy bears,
The little teddy bears are having a wonderful time today…

And so are all the children! What a lovely time we had in school with our teddies, turtles, dogs, seals and all other cuddly toys – and, in the middle of all that fun, we also raised money for the Auckland City Mission.

Thank you, Year 6, for the lovely morning tea you provided!

It’s fun to stay at the…. Y.M.C.A.

The YMCA, Shakespear Park, that is!

Our annual camp was filled with fun, excitement, new adventures and teamwork. Students pushed themselves to climb walls, navigate rocky coastlines, cook pancakes on camping stoves and kayak. They also raced around to find markers, played games over UHF radios, mountainboarded and learned archery skills. Every student also gained their Safe Boating certificate by demonstrating knowledge of how to plan a journey and how to survive in the water in case of emergency.

Sport report

The Pareras have been investigating sports in our school community – asking questions about the amount and type of sport children participate in on a regular basis. We were interested to find out whether our data reflected the general trends in the Harbour region. We wondered which sports were on the increase and which were in decline.

Our students created and conducted surveys to discover the answers. They are working on their posters to present their findings.

Shave for a Cure

This brave and caring student raised over $1000 in support of those living with leukemia and blood cancers by shaving her head. She also donated her beautiful locks to create wigs for those undergoing treatment.

   Well done, Amy!

Dads Rule the School…

It’s always cool when the Dads visit school. We had a fantastic record-breaking number of dads, grandads (and even some mums) turn up to school to join in a fun morning with their children.

First, they joined in with tongue twisters and singing rounds. Then it was back to class to demonstrate programming skills with the Mindstorms EV3 robots.

This was followed by working as directors, tech crew and extras in our on-the-spot news report videos about alien landings on the playground. (Watch this space!).

Next, they took on the children in a few basketball games of “Golden Child.” With a bit more practice, they might even stand a chance!!!!

Finally, they were invited to recover at morning tea and a sausage sizzle.

Thank you, dads – you were awesome!

Video Needed

School Captains

There were so many wonderful students who put themselves forward in this year’s elections. Each had different reasons for standing but all wanted to contribute to making a difference at our school. We heard ideas ranging from litter-picking and environmental care to those wanting to organise school-wide clubs at lunchtime. Well done to each brave candidate for caring enough to stand. You made the voters’ job very difficult.

After careful counting by Mr Donovan, this year’s School Captains are Amy, Atia and Eli. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you lead the way with your ideas and I am sure you will be superb role models for our younger students.

Frogs and Toads

No, not bring a reptile to school day – but mathematical problem-solving in the Parera Class!

Objective: Make the frogs and toads swap places.
Move all the green frogs so they swap places with all the brown toads.
Use the fewest number of moves possible.

• Only one frog or toad may sit on a lilypad at any time
• Only one frog or toad may move at a time
• A frog or toad can only move in one direction, towards the end it is going to. No backwards moves!
• A frog or toad may move in only two ways;
o Slide onto an empty lilypad next to the one it is currently sitting on
o Jump onto an empty lilypad over one different kind of creature;
A frog can jump over one toad, a toad can jump over one frog.

We have some smart thinkers in Parera Class – we managed to solve this problem with 5 frogs and 5 toads!


Year 6 have been learning how to begin programming the Lego EV3 . Before we could begin, however, we had to follow instructions to construct a robot.

Completed EV3 robots

Parera Class 2019

Hello, Year 6, and welcome to our new class for 2019! It’s going to be a lot of fun – we have so many things lined up for Term 1, including School Captain elections; a visit from Life Ed (featuring Harold the Giraffe); school swimming sports; and, of course, our residential at Shakespear Camp.

We have chosen the name of our class this year – it is Parera – the NZ grey duck. While you might think you can see (and hear) these birds everywhere, the truth is that they are an endangered breed and may well become extinct, due to cross-breeding with mallards.

Our timetable

We have PE on Mondays (Days 1 and 6) and Thursdays (Days 4 and 9) – please remember your full kits!

Homework is due on Mondays.

Orchestra is on Thursday lunchtime at the College. If you have been playing an instrument for around 6 months, you are very welcome.


09 424 3273