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Kakariki – Year 3 blog

School Garden

This term we have been learning about plants. We have planted a school garden as part of our learning, some the seedlings we raised and some we brought. Year three investigated how bulbs grow and we have planted them in the garden also. Please come and look at our garden. When it does start to produce fruit and vegetables it will be for the community to enjoy and hopefully we can use some of it to do some cooking. Year three have been taking great care of it by weeding, watering and taking out dead leaves.

Fascinating Angles

We have been learning how to recognise and measure angles.  To help use find right angles we invented our own tools then tested them out.  It was really fascinating.

Mini Camp

Rain, wind, tent city (inside) pikelets, and sausage sizzle.  What more could one ask for!  That is what we got last Friday for the Year 1 to 3 mini camp.  We had the best time ever regardless of what the weather threw at us.

Dads Day

Last Friday we had the privilege of having our dads and some of  our family members share the morning with us.  We had so much fun!!  In Year 3 we did a tech challenge that involved us being split into two teams.  The challenge was from BP Challenges called ‘Getting the message across’.  We were given the scenario: some friends are trapped on the other side of a wall and across a deep ditch.  They are behind a locked gate and do not have the combination to undo the lock.

One team had to write a message with the combination, put it in a container and make the throwing device using rubber band power.  The other team (at the same time) had to use the supplied equipment to make a retrieval device to collect the message container once over the wall.
Both teams were separated and not allowed to communicate.

Have a look at the photos below to see how we got on.


In PE the children have been learning to work as a team with various team challenges.  This week the challenge was get the hula hoops around the circle one clockwise the other anticlockwise without letting go of hands.  Some of the learning was how to communicate positively and not to get frustrated with people.  We did a great job.

Long O Sound

We have been learning all the spelling patterns for the long o sound.  Check out our rhymes we made up to help us learn the different spelling patterns.

Performing Arts

We have been participating in Performing Arts with Gracie.  Gracie is extremely creative with what she is teaching us.  This week we had to get into groups and create different objects and animals in a limited time span.  It was heaps of fun.  See if you can figure out the objects and animals we created in the photos.  Another part were with a buddy one of us was a puppeteer the other person was the puppet and we had to mold them into the action Gracie told us.  Take a look at the photos below and see if you can guess what we are doing and creating.


Aboriginal Art

We made Bull Roarers which are originally from Australia.  They were used in the outbacks of Australia by the Aborigines to communicate to other tribes by spinning them over their heads.

Firstly we had to sand the edges.  Some of us found it very tricky.

After we sanded them we transferred our design onto them then carefully painted them using fine paintbrushes and skewers.  We tried to use designs and animals found in Australia.

Below are our finished Bull Roarers. 

Fractions, Fractions and more Fractions

We have been on a self discovery journey learning about fractions using materials.  We are finding out what fractions are and how they work.

Firstly we wrote what we knew about fractions.

Then we played with fraction blocks to see what we could discover.

Below is us using the blocks to discover what they are.  We found out they have a bottom number and top number.  The bottom number tells us how many pieces the whole is cut into and the top number tells us how many of those we have.  We also found out they get smaller in size even though the bottom number gets bigger.

We then looked at making equivalent fractions using the blocks.  We know that the blocks have to fit under each other exactly for them to be equivalent.  It’s fun and interesting finding out which fractions are equivalent.  Aren’t we good at working fairly as a group, taking turns??

With information gathered from drawing around the fraction blocks to discover equivalent fractions, we began to look at how we could use our knowledge of multiplication to work out equivalent fractions.

Investigating Absorbency

We have been learning about different materials.  One of our investigations has been testing different types of paper to discover which was the most absorbent to the least.

First we made a prediction on ranking the papers from most absorbent to the least.  Next we discussed what a fair test is to help us set up our investigation.  After that we wrote up our method of how we were going to run our investigation, we ensured everything we did had to be the same for every piece of paper for it to be a fair test.

We then cut the pieces of paper all the same size, some of us found it challenging, but we all got there in the end.
This is us cutting our paper.

After we had cut our paper we got a beaker of coloured water.  Then we put each strip of paper touching the bottom for 2 minutes.  When we took the paper out of the water, we measured how far the water had risen up the strip of paper.
This is us testing the paper.

Most of our results were similar to each other.  We discovered our predictions were different to our results.
We learnt it is important to follow the method exactly as it is written or it is not a fair test.
Written by Alex, Charlee, Isabella, Ciaran, Ashlee, Olivia, Michael, Daniel, and Anna.

Mathematical Geniuses At Work

Problem Solving Friday

Every Friday we do problem solving math relating to what we have been working on during the week.

Your Mathematical geniuses are working on division problems.  They are encouraged to represent their understanding by ‘show me don’t tell me’.

Below are busy minds working out this weeks problems.

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