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Hihi – Year 1 Blog

If it weren’t for your Gumboots where would you be?

You would be at Athletics Day!

Our whole school Athletics Day is a highlight on our school calendar.

We had so much fun taking part in events such as gumboot and dart throwing, long jump, bean bag shot put and our favourite event, the obstacle course.

The Wentworth kindness, encouragement and ‘give it a go’ attitudes where on show and we were all very proud of our youngest students/athletes!

Thank you to all of the spectators (our family members and friends) who came out to cheer us on AND a BIG thank you to Mr D for the yummy iceblocks 🙂

Trick or Treat for a good cause!

On the 31st of October we had a mufti day, sausage sizzle and bake sale.

The money raised will be donated to an ex Wentworth Primary student who is sadly very unwell at the moment.

Our Year 0 and Year 1 class embraced the Halloween theme and a wonderful day was had by all.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity and support.  An AMAZING $950.00 was raised and will be given to our very special friend Amelie.

We absolutely appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  I feel very proud and fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful school community.  Thank you all!

Fire fighters and Astronauts!

Come on guys………Get Firewise!

We were so lucky to have the fire fighters visit us early in September.  We talked about how to keep safe around fire and then we were allowed to look in the fire truck and use the HOSE!

Space food!

One of our lovely Hihi class friends went to NASA and returned with some astronaut food.  We tried ice-cream sandwiches and strawberries.  We were fascinated by how crumbly the food was and we were amazed that we were eating dried ice-cream!

The Living Museum

Today we were invited to attend the Living Museum held at the College by the Year 7 classes.

The Year 7 students chose a character from Ancient History and they became that person.  They dressed up and shared their knowledge about the significant life events of their historical figure.

Congratulations Year 7 on a wonderful event.  You clearly put in a lot of time and effort and we thoroughly enjoyed our adventure though time!


Glorious Global Goodies

Our Global Foods shared lunch was a wonderful opportunity for us all to not only try new foods, but to also get to know more about the friends in our class.

We ate Russian Pancakes, Chinese Mooncakes, Dutch Licorice, English Cornish Pasties and many Kiwi classics such as Kiwifruit and Weetbix Slice……..to name a few of the goodies on offer………..YUMMY!

Thank you so much to all of the effort each family made to represent a part of their cultural identity, on a plate!



Flowers and Fish!

Daffodil Day was a wonderful opportunity for our students to dress up in mufti and support the Cancer Society.

Thank you for your generous donations!

Our Hihi class joined forces with the Kereru class to make Japanese Koi inspired art.  After discovering the significance of the Koi we then created our own stunning Koi!




Run, Run, Run as fast as you can – you can’t catch me…………… I am awesome at Cross-country!

Our annual cross-country race is a school calendar highlight.  The whole school participates and it is wonderful to see our students living the Wentworth Values as they persevere to finish the race.  The way in which students will each other towards the finish line is inspiring.  Words of kindness, encouragement and loud cheers filled the air!

This year the weather held off just long enough for us to really enjoy the muddy course.  Thank you to all who came to cheer us on and to the wonderful Year 10 helpers.  We really appreciate you all.


Wizards, Spells and Maths?

Wentworth Primary turned into Hogwarts on Wednesday when we held our annual Students vs Parents Maths Competition.

Much fun was had and I’m sure that I saw some flying spells help parents take flight on trampolines!


The Rat and the Octopus!

Our recent trip to the Auckland Museum saw us explore Myths and Legends.  We listened to a new story about the Rat and the Octopus and we learned why the Pacific Island fishermen used shell and rope lures to catch an octopus.

We then had free time to explore the Museum.  We went into the Wharenui, we saw a large waka and some of us even got to put our hands in the mouth of a shark!

It was a fantastic day!

Thank you so much to the parent helpers.  We couldn’t go on these trips without your support!


We are ready for College!

Our Year 7 friends came to visit us on Friday.

They had written some wonderful stories about endangered birds and we were lucky enough to have them read to us.  We also got to share our writing with Year 7.

We can’t wait until they visit us again!


I’ve heard of Pop Artists but never POPCORN Artists!

With the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan, we decided to learn a little about Japanese Art.

We had a look at photos of Japan and were astonished by the beauty of the Cherry Blossom trees (桜の花 – Sakura no hana).We decided to make our own Sakura trees out of popcorn……..not only do the trees look beautiful, they look delicious too!


Getting the measure of ME!

We have been learning about Measurement in Mathematics.

We have been learning to measure by direct comparison and we have begun to choose, and use, non-standard units to measure everyday items around our classroom.  Using blocks to measure items also helps us to reinforce our counting skills.

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