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Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to a fabulous start to Term 3. Year 5 have made an enthusiastic start to their return and have already enjoyed exploring evaporation during Science lessons, drama during English lessons and having fun with fractions during Mathematics lessons.

At the end of Term 2, we had a wonderful time during English week. The class answered their daily quiz questions, followed by a fabulous book character day to finish the term. Here are a few snapshots of the fabulous day.

Book Character Day

What a wonderful way to end not only English Week, but also Term 2!

Book Character Day was a wonderful opportunity for us to share our favourite stories and characters with our friends.  At times it felt like Wentworth Primary was actually Hogwarts as there were many Hermione and Harry Potter students out and about!.

The Kiwi Class was very fortunate to have our Year 7 friends visit us to share stories and also our Year 6 buddies came to listen to us read.

A wonderful end to an unusual but busy and FUN term!  Have a look at our amazing character costumes!


Book Character Day!

Book Character Day

To top off our English Week, we had Book Character Day on the Friday. It was great to see all the eye-popping colours, costumes and creativity. Who knew that there were at least 100 different books in the world??


Order, order ~ Following instructions to make a jam sandwich

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at the importance of giving accurate instructions. We began by watching a short video; ,  that the children found very funny, because instructions written by two children for their dad to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, where not completely accurate. We began to explore the need to give instructions in a specific order while also using clear, accurate language. Next we looked at a jumbled up recipe to make a jam sandwich. Together we read a line at a time and began to sequence the instructions, beginning with the ‘Title’, followed by the ‘ingredients’ and lastly the ‘method’. The method was the interesting part as we needed to make sure we didn’t put the bread together before we had spread it with the butter and then the jam. All the children were able to discuss the correct order and say why each instruction followed on from the next. Today, we got to follow the recipe as we made our own jam sandwiches. The children carefully observed each step and quickly self corrected themselves if they ‘almost’ made a small error. We had the most wonderful discussions during this time. The children talked about the smell of each ingredient, especially the jam, and decided that it must be made of strawberries, raspberries and red apples. They then spoke about the taste; if it was sweet, savoury, sour or bitter. They unanimously agreed the bread was savoury but the jam was sweet.

Science, Maths and Art!


We have been learning to identify lines of symmetry, and using mirrors to confirm our answers. We also used the mirrors to identify lines of symmetry in our face: there’s always a pesky freckle or two that spoil perfect symmetry though!


Sometimes you have to risk a lot of mess, and get out the paints!


What’s attracting our attention at the moment? Magnets!

What’s The Time Mr Wolf

In Year three we have been learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock.  To complete our topic on time we did a treasure hunt.  With a buddy we had to read the time on the clocks and write the answers on the answer sheet.  We had so much fun.

Money, money, money!

It has been fantastic to come back to school! We have been having a lot of fun together and have particularly enjoyed learning about earning money, spending it, and giving change.

We found out all about money and then practiced spending it and giving change.

Sew……….a needle pulling thread!

Sewing – what an absolutely wonderful skill for children to learn!

A Kiwi class friend gave us all a challenge this week!  Could we sew a button onto some material using a REAL needle?

Well………we rose to the challenge………we used our excellent fine motor skills and our sharp eyesight (to thread the needle) to achieve our goal!

Have a look at our results!*

*A Kiwi class friend left early (to celebrate a special birthday) so we did not manage to get a photo of their wonderful sewing – they have taken it home though!

Young Einsteins

Our Moa Science Week winners were Claire, Dylan, Oscar, Amy and Harper. They had to answer tricky questions on a variety of Science topics and our young scientists were on excellent form. Well done!

One fish, two fish, red fish, STARFISH!

On Tuesday we were the luckiest class in the land because our school was allowed to go to Kelly Tarlton’s


we had the entire aquarium to OURSELVES!

We certainly made the most of it!  We saw sea horses, touched starfish and we even made our own colourful fish ‘come to life’ on screen!

It was a wonderful day and it felt lovely to be able to go out and about again as it was the first day of Covid Alert Level 1.

Thank you to all of our parents for your excellent support.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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