Wentworth College & Primary Private School. Gulf Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. High quality independent education in a positive and caring environment.
Wentworth College & Primary Private School. Gulf Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand. High quality independent education in a positive and caring environment.


    Cambridge International Examinations

    Wentworth Primary students are encouraged to succeed and participate in every aspect of school life. Our school programme helps to produce independent, resilient and better informed students. The curriculum includes Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Music, Spanish, Health, Physical Education, Technology and Social Sciences.

    Wentworth Primary offers the internationally recognised Cambridge Primary curriculum in Literacy, Mathematics and Science. This curriculum helps build a solid foundation of learning and encourages the joy of learning in these three important educational areas. Offering Cambridge Primary also allows our students the seamless progression to Wentworth College.

    Key features of our curriculum:

    • Individual Learning Profiles are developed for each child to enhance and monitor their learning progress.
    • Literacy, Mathematics and Science follow the programme and are given priority.
    • Sports programme.
    • Arts Programme.
    • Social Sciences Programme.
    • Specialist Music programme.
    • Specialist Spanish programme
    • Technology is fully integrated and encourages innovation and leadership.
    • A ‘Values’ programme is integrated into classrooms, homework and all aspects of school life.
    • All students are given rich opportunities to discover and pursue their individual talents and interests.
    • Formative assessment strategies ensure that students are involved in, and accountable for, their own learning.



    The use and application of skilled and in-depth assessments is an important feature of Wentworth Primary. Small class sizes enable teachers to develop a very good knowledge of their students – their strengths, needs, learning styles and next learning steps.

    Wentworth Primary adopts two main forms of assessments: Formative and Summative. Both types of assessments are important in showing the strengths and needs of our students.

    Formative Assessment, often known as Assessment For Learning (AFoL) is a key feature of our school. AFoL places the student at the centre of his/her assessment and encourages students to be more aware and reflective about their learning and their next learning goals. International research continues to demonstrate that AFoL practices lead to more motivated, higher-achieving learners. Formative assessments are on-going and take place daily in the classroom.

    Summative Assessments are more an Assessment of Learning and are used to measure what our students have learnt as part of a unit or topic. This is a ‘snapshot’ of their learning and is used to tell the teacher what the student knows or doesn’t know. Summative assessments are also used for reporting and grading.

    Assessment practices at Wentworth Primary currently include:

    Cambridge Primary:

    • Cambridge Progression Test Years 3-6
    • Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Year 6


    • PM Running Records
    • Probe reading assessment
    • STAR (Supplementary Test of Achievement in Reading) Years 3-6
    • PAT Reading Comprehension Years 4-6
    • PAT Reading Vocabulary Years 4-6


    • Pseudo word spelling
    • Joy Allcock spelling programme
    • e-AsTTle and National Exemplars


    • JAM Years 1-3
    • GLOSS Years 3-6
    • IKAN Years 3-6
    • PAT Mathematics Years 3-6


    • PAT Listening Comprehension Years 3-6

    Wentworth Primary uses a range of assessment tools that are used for specific purposes. These assessments form an integral part of teaching and learning for both the teacher and the student.

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    Chris Donovan
    Head of Primary

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